Is Being Unproductive Contageous?


We’re trying to link to a Viewpoint article from the ENR website for our next blog post, but their finicky member log-in app is making things very difficult for us.

It strikes me as ironic that in this instance, the practices of one of the main media outlets of the construction industry are inhibiting our productivity as we try to shout out to the world about the productivity problems of the construction industry itself. (I think I hurt myself just typing that.)

In any case, we’ll keep working with the ENR folks and do our best to get the intended post online next week.

Update 10-22-07 – After a couple of phone calls I resolved the issue with ENR’s third party tech support (ECNext +1-614-682-5105). There is a bug in their online registration (hint: add a leading “0” to your subscription number) that allows magazine subscribers to register for an online account without giving them access to all of the online features. I’ve provided the phone number for those who may be experiencing a similar problem.


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One Response to “Is Being Unproductive Contageous?”

  1. AIA Makes the Right Move « CDS Blog Says:

    […] may contact ENR’s third party tech support, ECNext at +1-614-682-5105. Initially, we had a problem accessing the article […]

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