Beware the Apprentice Plumber on Level 6


It’s 7 AM. There’s a water line being installed in a wall on Level 6 of your multi-hundred million dollar condo project. Although your high-priced acoustics consultant instructed your high-priced architect to specify sound isolation pads be added to the feeder pipes that service two adjoining condo units, the responsibility for executing this expensive design detail falls on a 20-year old plumber’s apprentice who was out drinking ’til the wee hours the night before. The sound isolation pads get left in the box – whatever, dude.

A lawsuit seed has just been planted.

This scenario is played out on construction sites around the world every day.


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One Response to “Beware the Apprentice Plumber on Level 6”

  1. John P. Kreiss Says:

    Great post. The construction business is a people business and as humans, we’re not perfect. The more people involved in a process, the more risk that one worker on the team can be an undesireable.

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