Important Things to Know About Construction Photography


Here’s some interesting information to keep in mind the next time you decide to record the water proofing details way down in P5 using the same camera that you used to shoot  your kids birthday party. Thanks to our Construction Verification Supervisor Bob Gross for providing the expertise.

So it basically breaks down like this.  Most of the time we get asked what is the difference between the photos we take and photos other consultants take.

We use Canon 6.3 megapixel digital SLR’s and they have a removable lens.

Most of the other consultants including the QA\QC guy for the contractor use a simple point and shoot.

We use a full size flash (externally)  and they use the flash that is built in (to their point and shoot)

There are several major differences.

First of all the lens that we use is 55mm in diameter.  The larger the glass lens is on the front of the lens the more light it will gather.  An average point and shoot has a lens that is 15mm across if that.

Second the flash that is built into the average point and shoot is built to go 15 feet and light up two faces.  It is designed to take photos of people.   Our flash is 6 times bigger and made to throw up to 50 feet.  More light means better photos.  In a dark room (think condo before the electricity is turned on) more light is a bonus.

Third.  Our digital SLR’s have a better infrared beam built in.  Digital cameras throw out an infrared beam that measures distance a split second before taking the photo to judge distance for the autofocus feature.  Larger lens, better light, more light, better infrared beam means not only better pictures but, more in focus pictures.



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