3 Steps to Changing Construction


Given the right circumstances, even a behemoth supertanker filled with oil can be turned.  The same goes for any  institution  that wants to  initiate change.

  1. Have a top down plan –  If the captain doesn’t have command of the ship, then the sailors will not follow the orders.
  2. Have the means to do the job – Small rudders won’t turn big boats.
  3. Be persistent – The greater the inertia, the longer it takes to get the boat turning.

What does this mean for construction? The top down plan must originate with banks and insurers. They’re the constant backbone for all construction projects.  If they don’t insist on improved information coming from their sites, then project owners and contractors will never be motivated to push their projects to seek the means to provide that information.

We feel that Construction Verification is the means for initiating change in construction. Others may have other solutions, but that’s for those at the top to decide.  If the captains of the industry are committed to making to changes necessary to turn things around, then the right solution will eventually be found.

Finally, persistence is absolute. Whether your turning that oil supertanker or trying to improve the least productive industry in the US , you need to turn that wheel hard and hang on for a while before things will start to happen.


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