Top 5 Hurdles for Changing Construction


People don’t like to change. Even those of us who embrace and promote change, hate it when a monkey wrench gets thrown into our routine.  We at CDS experience this every day as we try to nudge, prod and otherwise drag people to adopt the tools of Construction Verification. The many hurdles to inducing change in the construction industry include:

  1. An aging workforce. The median age for the construction industry was 38.1 in 2001. As we’ve recently learned, older workers are not as comfortable using technology as their younger counterparts.
  2. The temporary nature of construction projects. The only thing permanent at a jobsite is the construction (hopefully.) Everything else is temporary. Therefore, there is little reason for the contractor to make meaningful investments in sophisticated systems at the construction site.
  3. Tradition rules the jobsite. While tradesman might get excited about using a new piece of hardware, their culture prevents them from getting too “techy.” That attitude spreads upwards to supervisors and front line managers as well.
  4. Project Managers have nightmares about lawyers waiting to pounce. The fear of future litigation forces them to ignore the benefits of most technology solutions for fear that any information that they generate or record will be used against them at some time.
  5. Though they call them project partners, contractors prefer to share as little as possible with owners. Prevailing wisdom says that owners aren’t experienced enough to interpret the unfiltered news from a construction site.

Up next, the solution…



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