PEX Pipe Litigation, Why it Doesn’t Have to Happen


I recently became interested in model railroads (thanks kids!) and was delighted by the invention of EZ-Track, which makes assembling a perfectly aligned oval train layout a snap without needing to align and pin individual sections of track.  As our train layouts evolved into more complex shapes, I found myself tweaking the EZ-track sections to make them fit my layout. As I should have expected, the more tweaking I did, the more problems I experienced with trains derailing. This is just one example of the growing pains associated with adopting a new innovation into an existing discipline.

PEX pipe is the latest innovation in construction that is inflicting its own growing pains in the form of class action lawsuits. Just as with HardiBoard and EIFS, its not the new buidling materials that are the problem. Poor training by the manufacturers and the installing companies leads to improper installation and failed application. In the case of PEX, problems include insufficient strapping that causes stress on fitting as the flexible tubing moves with surges in pressure.

Similar to my railroad experience, I can imagine that many plumbers’ apprentices are stretching PEX pipes beyond it’s limits with wet consequences ahead.


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2 Responses to “PEX Pipe Litigation, Why it Doesn’t Have to Happen”

  1. Michael Says:

    this is for first time i have read an disadvantage about PEX

  2. pextubingexpert Says:

    Usually this is a typical wrong PEX installation

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