13 “What if” questions for General Contractors to Ponder


What if?

  1. What if you were a General Contractor?
  2. What if you radically changed your approach to construction quality?
  3. What if you had a quality system that applied universally to all of your jobs instead of individually to each project?
  4. What if you could improve the performance of the “C” and the “D” project teams so that they performed more like the “B” team?
  5. What if you had the ability to monitor and investigate ongoing work for any of your jobs from any computer anywhere in the world?
  6. What if you had a library images and supporting data covering every critical installation your crews built over the years?
  7. What if you provided your clients with daily progress reports complete with easy-to-use dashboards and images from the jobsite?
  8. What if you could identify defects from you sub contractors within 24 – 48 hours from the time they occurred?
  9. What if you could immediately share defect-related information with your subs so that they could complete repairs while their crews were still on site?
  10. What if you could manage all of your defects so that you had complete traceability from detection through repair and acceptance?
  11. What if you could easily assign responsibility for trade damage with photographic evidence?
  12. What if at the end of every project you could turn over a complete database to your clients that chronicled the complete construction history of their building?
  13. What if? Such a system were available?

What if?


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