Top 5 Growth Markets for Construction in 2009


As we ponder where to focus our efforts in product development and marketing for Geedra, we decided that these are the areas that are those most likely to be active in 2009.

  1. Public works – Mayors and Governors around the country are falling over themselves to promote their “shovel ready” projects to the incoming Obama administration.  Behind each of those “ready” shovels is a parade of contractors dying to get in on the act.
  2. Residential Refurbishment – The dreams of a new McMansion  have been dashed for many by the financial crisis. However,  record low mortgage rates are fueling  a re-finance boom that will lead many folks to pursue rehab projects to make the most of their current homes.
  3. Greening Projects – Commercial property owners will combine with a subset of the first two groups mentioned above to will create a market for Greening Projects that will focus on improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings.  We can also call this the Re-insulate – Re-window – Re-HVAC Revolution
  4. Energy Projects – Don’t let the sub $70 dollar a barrel oil price fool you. The new administration is banking on residual public disgust from last summer’s 4 buck gas price nightmare to provide them with the necessary mandate for investments in alternate energy. Wind, solar and non-food fuel projects will be winners here. Clean coal? Not so much.
  5. Residential Construction (in the Mid East) – Believe it or not, projects in places like Kuwait that are funded outside of the global financial system (i.e. by future oil revenues) will continue.

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