Silos with Windows


Any jobsite is a conglomeration of various interests, each holed up in the silo of their own discipline (e.g. trade specialty, consulting specialty, specialty inspector, etc.) The GC acts as the conduit that ties each silo into the project. Unfortunately, there’s no established protocol for neighboring silos to share information. Except of course, when there’s a problem. Then there’s plenty of conversation, though it could be somewhat contentious.


Think about your relationships with your neighbors at home. There are those that you chat with frequently and those that barely wave. When it comes time for you to take over all of the street parking for your kid’s birthday party, which neighbor is going to be the one who blows up at you and starts yelling across the street?

Keep that scene in mind the next time you’re on site and you come across a new inspector, engineer or low voltage electrician that you have no reason to talk to. Five minutes of “Hi, How d’ya do?” Could pay off for both of you down the road.


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