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Construction Verification Doesn’t Replace Your Experts – Part II

January 9, 2008

If you haven’t heard, it rains here in Seattle. A lot.

So, if you were going to become a construction consultant in the Seattle-area, water proofing would be the way to go. I mean, some developers could give a rip about acoustic isolation, but absolutely nobody wants to build a leaky building. A good water proofing consultant is, therefore, worth his or her weight in gold (and at $125 an hour, that usually works out to be true – literally.)

If you’re a developer, you want your water proofing expert to be on hand whenever an important penetration or exterior wall is sealed. But you can’t afford to have this expert standing around with the meter running if(when) your schedule slips. Inevitably, there will be instances where your construction crew wishes the water proofing guy were around to make a call on the right way to splice two ends of a sodium bentonite seal. But guess what? The water proofing guy has been visiting the site every 5 or 6 weeks and won’t be back for at least a couple of weeks. The superintendent isn’t around and the supervisor has been pushing hard to finish that wall because the concrete is on its way. But don’t worry, one of the crewmen on the job remembers that consultant from two projects ago told him about this bentonite stuff and he’s absolutely sure that you can’t go wrong if you lap splice the joint with a 6″ overlap (wrong.)

This very real scenario, is just one of hundreds of ways that bad decisions get made on job sites everyday because the right people don’t have access to the right information. If that site were being verified, the CVT on hand would have reviewed the upcoming sealing operation with the water proofing consultant beforehand in order to convey the approved methods for splicing to the crew. If there was a question that had not been covered earlier, then a quick photo by the CVT transferred via wireless communication to the consultant would give him the information he needed to make an informed decision in a timely manner. The crew would receive proper instructions allowing the wall seal to be completed correctly and on time.